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Defence advokat

The court can appoint a defence advokat (public defence counsel) if you are suspected of having committed a crime. Your defence advokat will assist you with everything relating to the criminal case and will also attend the trial at the court.

The court will consider whether you need public defence counsel. You can always have public defence counsel if you are suspected of a serious crime. In the case of less serious crimes, you can only get a public defence counsel if there are special reasons. Public defence counsel is not normally appointed if the offence is such that the penalty is usually in the form of fines, for example in traffic cases.

The State will pay part of the costs for public defence counsel. If you are acquitted, you will not need to repay anything to the State. If you are sentenced for the offence, you will, depending upon your income, normally be liable to pay all or part of the State's costs.

Contact the court if you want to know more.

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